Self Discipline on completism
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For most people it is easy to plan and organize in a certain limit. The great challenge is how to begin and keep straight on what has been programmed. One of the hypothesis for the fact that, in general, we just cannot maintain regular sustainability in the process of a project or of a planning up to its conclusion is the lack of self-discipline.

“Self-discipline can be considered a sort of specific training, raising new thinking habits, action and language to self-perfectness and to support to accomplish your goals. Self-discipline can also be reached through little specific tasks”.

One of the great reasons which contribute for companies’ growth within the market is the discipline incorporated by their networks from the establishment of their strategic planning. The systemic working of an enterprise occurs thanks to the regular fulfillment of each sector’s procedures and processes. As soon as we realize that our lives, with self-discipline, can systemically work right as well as a company, why still putting off your individual organization?

Main Obstacles of Projects Completism

In spite of having a series of resources which customize the execution and the tracking of a planning, such as softwares and techniques for organization, the majority of people present a variety of matters that compel them to postpone, interrupt or even forget about their own projects:

01.  Mental and physical laziness
02.  Weak will
03.  Hyper activity followed by attention deficit
04.  Sensation of being tied by own personal directives
05.  Lack of professionalism
06.  Lack of responsability
07.  Scarcity of motivation to be engaged in personal projects
08.  Tendency to dispersion
09.  Affective and sexual needs not met
10.  Lack of self-confidence in the personal planning’s priority order
11.  Special and thosenic disorganization
12.  Unpunctuality and scarcity of time sense and control

The first conscious step to acquire discipline is the self-awareness regarding the importance and the repercussions of your materialized or not materialized goals. At this moment, it is necessary to analyze the group and personal gains and losses. A moment of self-reflection helps to attain a deeper broader view of the project. Evoking regularly the responsibility and the completism sensation are the paths to self-motivation, what contributes in the execution commitment of your planning. Moreover, it is up to the individual analyze by his own what effectively triggers major engagement: if they are the loss consequences or the winning results.

The second step is to promote a space organization of your office, bedroom, living room and get rid of energetic useless objects and filing documents and publications in their proper places. The elimination of local entropy may certainly help you have thosenes more linearly as well as replan better your life areas.

The following moment is to establish a useful routine in which all personal and professional tasks are included. It is paramount to bear in mind that a routine to be created must be convergent to your life planning goals. Have a written routine and put it close to you as being on your computer screen, in your diary or in a local that you frequently access.

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Self-Discipline is useful for everything. For instance:

01.  Discipline to wake at the intended time
02.  Discipline to up-date your personal financial tables
03.  Discipline to execute the tasks on your useful routine
04.  Discipline to produce consciencial gestations
05.  Discipline to carry out volunteer work activities 
06.  Discipline to fulfill physiological needs
07.  Discipline to leisure time
08.  Discipline to mobilization of energy. It is prerequisite self-discipline to reach the petifreeness condition
09.  Discipline to practice daily penta at agreed time with helpers
10.  Discipline to develop the Consciential tri-endowment
11.  Discipline to practice physical exercises
12.  Discipline to daily healthy reading
13.  Discipline to provide care and attention to your karmic group
14.  Discipline to develop the lucid projection ability
15.  Discipline to fulfill Professional tasks

Put yourself in the extraphysical helper’s shoes and see in whom you would mostly rely: on the intraphysical consciousness who always delays, who never goes to appointments due to laziness, who never mobilizes energy regularly, who never concludes a written consciential gestations within their deadlines, or on the person who does exactly the opposite in sufficient time with reserve consciential energy?   The strong traits which follow discipline are will, responsibility and organization. If you already have them, write about how you live self-discipline.

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