It is not possible to disentangle self-leadership from Existential Inversion – Invexis. By understanding the fundaments of this life technique, and how someone could put it into practice, the concept of self-leadership becomes a tenet.

The capacity to influence oneself towards an objective, of mobilizing inner and personal resources to achieve a goal of interest is inherent to exerting invexis.

Existencial Inversion as a life technique.
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Invexis: Existencial Inversion

Invexis is a life technique through which the individual organizes one’s lifetime towards the achievement of goals related to self-development, acquiring maturity, and helping others since youth. Through life planning, the individual would establish what to achieve until the end of his/her lifetime and will mobilize oneself in this direction, regardless of hedonistic purposes.

Inherent to the process of self-development is the capacity to overcome the tendency to do only what brings pleasure and engage in actions that will push you forward and take you out of your comfort zone. A process to be triggered and managed by the individual itself.

The idea of invexis goes beyond life planning, life coaching, and so on. Is the most technical plan that someone could propose. Is a conscious dedication to executing someone’s purpose in life.

Departs from the notion that there is no need to wait until adulthood or retirement age to conquer a meaningful life and help others. It is possible to do so from a young age, inverting what once could be considered the natural course of a lifetime (e.g., growing, marrying, having children, planting a tree, and writing a book). 

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 The individual does not need to abide with the prescribed way of living or conform to what is expected from the young (e.g., lack of purpose, immaturity, carpe diem, and negative disruptive behavior), but can demonstrate care, responsibility, moral values and better choices, a positive disruptive behavior, associated with intellectual and emotional development.

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Self-leadership and existencial inversion.
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This chosen life course requires challenging oneself towards the desired outcomes. It is not easy to go against what is expected, reinforce personal evolutionary goals and focus on the development of competences and skills that will drive behaviors while focusing on choosing and developing a career, building meaningful relationships, and so on. A set of elements that are intrinsic to the end of adolescence and initial years of adulthood. 

To influence oneself in the target direction, a deeper look into the self is required. Self-knowledge (e.g., knowing personal competences, skills, difficulties, struggles, patterns of conduct, principles and beliefs) will help in the self-goal setting, allowing for self-regulation and mobilization of personal resources. An important aspect towards performance improvement.

 In this sense, invexis requires self-leadership skills to manage and overcome the challenges in the process, especially the ones related to self-limiting beliefs, thoughts, and feelings, and self-sabotage behaviors, something not naturally motivating for some. Yet, the rewards associated with the target goal, by holding higher intrinsic motivational value, could drive the individual’s behavior. Exercising self-leadership from a young age grants the individual the possibility to converge resources and efforts towards assistance and evolution.

In a nutshell, self-leadership is a requisite to properly apply invexis technique.

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