Many things have been said about astral projection. There are a lot of courses, techniques, books and institutions across the globe studying this issue. But on this website you can be able to have access to a lot of contents specifically made for young people, in order to help them with such themes. 

In this article you will have 5 simple steps to develop your ability to produce, by yourself, astral projection experiences. After that, some tips about how you can utilize it for your life improvement, without religious terms or beliefs. This text is expected to be useful in a practical way, helping you to have concrete results in this issue.

Firstly, in a nutshell, you will get a short explanation about the theme. 

What is Astral Projection?

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Astral projection, astral travel and out-of-the-body experience are some of the names given to this topic, which has been around since the mankind is here on this planet, since the first civilizations. 

There are ancient Greek texts, tribal vestiges, stories from old peoples and a huge bibliography about it. Many people have been saying to be able to get out of their bodies, stare at themselves laying on the bed and even visiting other places and, when coming back, tell another people what they saw, in details which many times are proven to be correct.

There must certainly be endless things our limited science does not know for now. So, why not give this a try? Why not see for ourselves whether this is true or false? You do not have to believe. You just have to give this a try and then share your results.

5 Practical Steps Toward Astral Projection Experience

For that matter, here are 5 practical steps, chronologically ordered for you:

1. Mental Saturation

  1. First of all, it is important fixating in your mind the will to produce the phenomena. So, just think about it, make a mental priority of it.
  2. Read books about it, especially with personal experiences from others.
  3. Watch videos about it.
  4. Have an intense will to get yourself out of your body.

Will is the most important factor in this. Your mind can produce it if you want firmly. And it is up to you to get yourself motivated.

Many times the astral projection happens amid the sleep, between your dreams, and the mental saturation makes your ‘dream mind’ remember the matter and increase your chances to get lucid.

2. Physical Immobility

The first step I will give you is very simple:

  1. Just go to your room. 
  2. Make sure anyone will demand you. 
  3. Lock your door. 
  4. Lie on your bed with a soft flat sheet and a comfortable pillow.
  5. Get yourself relaxed.
  6. Now, you cannot make any body motions, not even small ones, for at least 1 hour.
  7. Try to figure out what is going to happen with your body sensations.
  8. Keep in your head the desire to get out of your body.

3. Energy control

  1. When your body gets into a non-sensibility state, not feeling the sheet and the bed anymore, start concentrating on your feet. 
  2. You may feel a vibration, or something similar. Try to control it. Manipulate it slowly over your body. It can be very slow at a first moment.
  3. Try not imagining anything in order to feel it.
  4. Do it until you feel your entire body vibrating.
  5. Exteriorize your energies for your room, doing a movement from inside to outside with this energy you have been moving through your body.
  6. Do it for a long time.
  7. Then, absorb the energy in your room for a long time, from outside to inside of your body. 
  8. Be free to experiment whatever you want with your energies, moving it through your body and your room. Discover what you can feel and make with this.

4. Repetition

  1. Repeat the three first steps every day.
  2. Get motivated.
  3. Develop the ability to feel your energies and move it every day faster and stronger.

Every experiment, especially such cognitive ability that must be learned, only can be developed by repeating, exercising  and strengthening it over the course of time, with strong determination.

5. Technical Registration

  1. Observe even the smallest results and evolutions you’ve got with the techniques.
  2. Make a technical registration of it.
  3. Observe what made the positive results happen and then repeat them with the same conditions.
  4. Be a scientist.
  5. Think about publishing it in the future. This is a growing science at its beginning which needs new findings. 

The strong determination mentioned before can be much better if you do not miss a bit of your discoveries and use them technically. 

In order to develop this ability you are better being like a “self-scientist”, a very curious one.

Well, by searching on the internet you will find infinite techniques and tips, many of them pretty nice and functional, many without plausible explanations, but in this author’s opinion the best one is the development of a personal laboratory, in which you will discover by yourself what are the best path to you, in your specific case, to get out of your body, and even better, to develop it as an ability over time.

Astral Projection’s Benefits

Astral projection is a unique experience that surely can be very useful for you in variety of ways. Here are some of them:

  1. You can make sure about the inexistence of death, the human being’s biggest fear.
  2. Being able to contact extraphysical people.
  3. Discarding the beliefs involving multidimentionality, replacing it with experiences and facts.
  4. Reorganizing your life over new, expansive perspectives.
  5. Comprehending more the meaning of life and the functioning of it.
  6. Knowing new places without getting out physically of your bedroom.
  7. Using your lifetime during moments you were supposed to be sleeping (wasting it).

Receba as novidades sobre inversão existencial em primeira mão!


The ASSINVÉXIS is a non-profit institution based on the volunteering, with was created to attend juveniles who are interested in this sort of subjects, scientifically. At ASSINVÉXIS it is prioritized the personal experimentation rather than the belief. 

ASSINVÉXIS is an acronym that means ‘International Association of Existential Inversion’.  The Existencial Inversion, or invexis is a technique, based on Conscientiology. Conscientiology is a science aimed to study the Consciousness under a global bias, considering the bioenergies, the multiple lives, bodies and dimensions. 

The invexis was drawn to optimize the accomplishment of one’s life mission. It is the planning of the whole life, from the youth, in this perspective. It is a multiple dimensional perspective planning, that gives to the young boy or girl the opportunity to build his entire life with productive reflection, free from moralist ideas and dogmas. 

Astral projection plays a huge role on this matter, because this is a very practical way to see for yourself if this does make sense or not. Remember, do not just believe in what you read or watch, try to have your own experiences.

A very useful goal that can be established in your experiences is discovering if life mission exists, and if this exists, if you have one, and if you have one, what it is.

After that, maybe a life mission planning technique can be pretty handful for you, and whether it comes around, maybe our activities will also be hardly attractive.

So, if you are interested, you can start anytime you want, for free, at your home with your own experiences. 

For your readings, here are some recommendations:

  1. Projection of the Astral Body – Sylvan Muldoon and Hereward Carington.
  2. Projectiology – Waldo Vieira.
  3. Projections of the Consciousness – Waldo Vieira.
  4. Journeys Out of the Body – Robert Monroe.

As to the invexis technique, at the moment you can also have access to the ASSINVÉXIS live videos, every Thursday and Sunday on the institutional Youtube channel.

You can also discover the courses available online or here, in Foz do Iguassu, at the Invexology Campus, located in the Cognópolis Neighborhood, the knowledge kneighborhood. 

However, you do not need anything to start your journey, but yourself, your room, your energies, and your motivation. You can start right now, for free, experiencing things you have never imagined, things that are more impactful than any drugs, any hypnosis, or any fantasy. After that, you will certainly not be the same person.

And as i said before, do not believe in anything, experience for yourself. The steps have already been made available for you, and you just have to give it a try, putting any prejudices you may have aside, with a real scientist’s thinking. Be bold! You can do things you never ever imagine. Feel free to contact us on the ways found on this website and share with us your experiences and questionings. And if you ever want to visit us or learn with us, I recommend the invexis week, the biggest event about invexis in the world. There you will have an immersion experience in all these matters. It is, for sure, worthy. 

Hope you enjoyed the text and wait for your comments, questions and experiences! It wil be a lot valuable for us here at ASSINVÉXIS. 

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See you next text! Good energies and productive astral experiences!