Do you make growth plans to your existence, doing your best to make things happen, or just live the events without a clear direction? A life technique can help you with that!

If you asked the first option, congratulations because you are a positive exception! Most of the people do not plan clearly what they want.

They just dream about it and wait, continuing to do the same things and expecting different results, while time passes by.

Life Technique and Conscientiology

Conscientiology studies has a principle that everyone exists to evolve in a multiexistential and multidimensional condition to develop into your best version, feeling better with yourself and helping other people to do the same.

Therefore, every day is an opportunity to learn something new in all life situations, and there is no time to loose in unnecessary repetitions of dysfunctional patterns.

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In this aspect, one important point is that everything in life has a technique, a more optimized way of doing it.

There are sales techniques, study techniques, medicine techniques, relaxation techniques and why not a life technique? Have you ever thought about a life technique to reach existential plenitude?

An evolutionary technique can aid to be a more productive and qualified helper, on the way to accomplish challenging goals and live with more maturity and abundance.

Here is a list of 10 reasons to apply an evolutionary technique in your life:

1. Acquire integral self balance

At consciencial existence, multiple life areas need to be dynamized, like relationships, self-research, assistance, health, finances, intellectuality, maturity, parapsychism, leadership and personal realizations.

Without a life technique, people tends to focus in just one area, while with a complete and technical existential planning, it’s possible to do a lot more in less time, with balance.


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2. Antecipate growth crisis

It’s unavoidable in life to pass a period of crisis. If you don’t live a crisis, maybe it’s because you are accommodated in certain way and patterns that could be better. A crisis enables transformation, modification and new paths of discovery of your own self.

The point is that is not necessary to suffer with a crisis if you anticipate and face the problem before it becomes a chronic stage that damages the existential conditions of self realization.

A crisis can be an excellent opportunity of growth, overcoming the adversities.


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3. Avoid unnecessary deviations and dispersions

Society has lots of sensorial stimulation. If you don’t know how to filter information and what you are looking for, dispersion may overlap priorities.

Learn how to distinguish the essential from the accessory, and what actions will bring more relevant results that approximate you from your objectives.

Life techniques facilitate the elimination of dispersive interests and immaturities.

4. Converge interests in favor of skilled megafocus

One essential point in a life technique is to define megafocus. That can be the principal theme, the leitmotif, that directs consciousness studies into specialization.

It doesn’t mean that you have to study just one aspect of manifestation, but you have to be skilled in a way that you can distingue yourself and converge interests.

One tip to discover the megafocus is take a look at personal values, find where your consciencial motivation came from and what is your main singularity that can helps people, than concentrate on that.

5. Decrease anxiety and concerns

When the future is uncertain and you can’t trust on your own skills to handle with it, anxiety and concerns begin to occupy mental space.

That’s a good way to lose productivity!

To become more productive, human beings have to focus on the present and feel challenged to explore your full potential.

With the existential planning of a life technique, the organization of achievements in steps help to decrease anxiety and concerns.

life technique

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6. Develop lucid parapsychism

All of us have parapsychism, also called sixth sense, paranormal ability, intuition, mediumship. Be more lucid for the multidimensionality is an important life goal that increases reality perception and can be useful for decision-making.

Contact with extraphysical helpers, clairvoyance, lucid projections and domain of bioenergetics interations are just some examples of possibilities on parapsychism development, that need lots of effort and mental training in short, mid and long term.

7. Have more freedom and liberty of manifestation

Everyone likes to feel free, right? But few assume the responsibility for your own freedom. A life technique increase the conscience that all decision affect the liberty of manifestation.

Assume the protagonism of everything that happens to you and consequently become more free to take a chose.

Hour glass

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8. Improve useful occupation of time

A plan is just a plan, it doesn’t mean much thing without realization! And the execution occurs through useful rotines and time organization. Everybody has 24 hours, and the way that time is used will determine the results.

Have an agenda is very good but is still basic: the mental ability to handle with time is more important. Two important questions: how much time I dispend with unplanned circumstances? How much time I invest in evolution and assistance?

9. Increase the possibility of achieving existential completism

The main goal of a life technique is the existential completism, which involves the realization of the existential program made before we have born at the intraphysical dimension.

By its complexity, a life technique is necessary to optimize choices in order to increase the possibility of achieving existential completism with anticipation compared with those who are more intuitive and don’t apply any technique.

10. Use personality traits in an evolutionary way

In an evolutionary way, strong personality traits, the personal characteristics that support you in difficult situations, can be reinforced and qualified; weak personality traits are the potentials are discovered and developed; and the missing personality traits need to be worked through situations and projects.

A life technique is a more accelerated way to recycle and balance consciousness manifestation, using the full potential of personality traits.

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Life Techniques for Self-Evolution

Actually, in Conscientiology, there are 2 kinds of life techniques:

  1. Existential inversion (invexis). For young people that has no commitments that restrict manifestation. “Invexis is a technique that inverts sociocultural values and projects in human life. This allows the execution of greater personal endeavors – that are generally performed during adulthood – to be commenced in one’s youth” (VIEIRA, 2016A, p. 48). Watch the video:

  1. Existential recycling (recexis). For people, after 26 years old, that already made some commitments that need to be resignify. Recexis is a “technique wherein human consciousnesses voluntarily change their existential perspective. The consciousness reaches psychological or human maturity after the human body has reached biological maturity. However, the vast majority of people still lack holomaturity” (VIEIRA, 2016A, p. 54).

At invexis, the invertors (applicants of invexis) prevents drugs and any other substance that can damage the brain.

Besides that, dodges social fossilized traditions, like militarism and religions; avoids marriage due to the evolutionary duo, a monogamous couple that works in a maxifraternal sense of assistance; and avoids childs due to libertary consciential works, like creating neo ideas in books, courses, institutions and places.

At recexis, the applicants seek to do an existential change, starting with the elimination of all external things that don’t contribute for assistance, like bad old habits, clothes, places, objects and companies.

Then, initiate an internal movement of recycling behavior patterns, becoming more free to act in favor of welfare.

There are at least three practices that both invexis and recexis prioritizes:

  1. The execution of existential program (proexis), arriving at complexis with the intraphysical realization of “acts and works by the human consciousness that were planned in advance during the most recent intermissive period” (VIEIRA, 2016A, p. 57).
  2. The practice of personal energetic task (penta), “an individual, assistantial transmission of consciential energy (CE) directly to ill or deficient, consciexes or projected conscins, whether close-by or at a distance, who remain intangible and invisible to common human vision. This task is programmed for a certain hour in the day of a human consciousness while in the ordinary physical waking state and assisted by one or more Helpers” (VIEIRA, 2016B, p. 11).
  3. The domain of out of body experiences, through the Projectiology self-researchs (VIEIRA, 2016C).

After all this, answer the questions: Do you apply a life technique? If yes, what results did you get? If no, why do not you start now?

If you have interest to know more about life technique and other Conscientiology subjects, feel free to contact Assinvexis.

We have a 6 hour course called Life Technique that can be offered at your city. Also, you can visit the Invexological Campus in Foz do Iguaçu-PR-Brazil, at where there are the Life Technique Alley, which represents the human life from reborn to the discard of biological body in a 200 meters walk with questions for self-reflection.

You can acess the Assinvexis page at Facebook and know more about us. Assinvexis is also promoving an international trip to expand the worldview practice in existential inversion. Join us!

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Pedro Borges is psychologist, from Minas Gerais, Brazil, and living now in Foz do Iguaçu and volunteer at Assinvéxis.